FAQ - Drivers


What is Promoto?

Promoto is  bringing about a new way of looking at mobile advertising while using the most effective form of outdoor advertising, wrapped cars.  We pay everyday drivers to wrap their vehicles with advertising that will receive higher impressions throughout the day than traditional methods of brand awareness.  We intend to give drivers easy passive income, while stretching companies’ advertising dollars to cover entire cities.


How can I become a Driver?

We’ve made becoming a driver for Promoto simple.  First, visit the drivers’ page on our website.  Next, tell us about your vehicle and your driving habits.  Then, we match you to a brand and WE pay to get your car wrapped.  Finally, YOU get paid to drive the way you always have!


What will it cost me to get started?

Nothing! There will be no upfront costs to you.  We pay for everything and pay you for driving your regular  commute!


How soon will I  get paid?

You will start being paid as soon as your car has been wrapped and your campaign has begun.  For the duration of your campaign, you will be paid monthly for driving your wrapped vehicle.  


How much will I get paid?

Payment depends on the campaign and the amount of wrap on the vehicle.  Panel wraps receive $100 - $200/month while fully wrapped vehicles could make up to $400/month.  Furthermore, you should know that you are paid as an independent contractor and will receive a 1099 for tax purposes.


How long will my car be wrapped?

The campaign length will usually be around 6 – 12 months.  This means you will get 6 – 12 paychecks!


What will my car look like when it’s wrapped?

We will send you a rough design of the graphic that is going on your car before it is wrapped. Then, you will approve the design and campaign terms.  Typically, Panel wraps cover all four doors and parts of the rear of the vehicle.  Whereas a full wrap is a FULL wrap changing your whole car to a mobile moneymaker.


Do I get a say in which wrap I get?

Of course! We would never want you to drive a car that is wrapped in an ad you don’t like.  You will know what the wrap looks like before you accept the campaign.


Can a vehicle have more than one driver?

Legally, only the person registered with Promoto can drive the vehicle and be paid to drive their own vehicle.


Can a driver have more than one vehicle?

Nope, one car per driver. Sorry!


Am I guaranteed to be matched with a campaign?

Unfortunately, no.  But we can promise we are going to do everything in our power to get as many campaigns on the road as possible, which gives you a better chance of making passive income.


How long will it take to wrap my car?

The standard time to wrap a car is less than a day.


Will the wrap damage my car in anyway?

Nope, actually 3M Vinyl wraps protect paint on vehicles from the wear of weather.  And if for whatever reason your ride is hurt in the application or removal of the wrap, we will pay 100% of the cost to fix the damage.


FAQ - Business 


How much exposure will one Promoto car receive?

One car wrapped in your brand driving through a city will receive roughly 120,000 to 320,000 impressions per month.  As apart of our quality control we only qualify drivers that are on the road about 1,000 miles per month.

We can also match drivers with campaigns based on individualized criteria to reach your goals.


How are our impressions calculated?

Each Promoto car is tracked through GPS and we receive real-time data that is converted into reports generated for you, that depict the areas covered and accurate impression rates.  Factors that go into our calculations include: miles traveled, speed of those miles, average number of individuals in each car, density of cars on the roads traveled upon and how many people are in that area in general. Reports are sent out on a monthly schedule.


Who are your drivers? And why do they want to help spread my brand?

Our target diver is interested in making an easy passive income   These are regular people whose cars and commutes match up with your target audience.   Each driver is given the option to accept or decline the campaign which ensures you are matched with someone who supports your brand.  Also, all drivers receive a full NVR driving record check to determine if they are the best candidate to represent your organization.


What if the wrapped car gets in an accident?

In the event of an accident the driver is required to inform us immediately.  In most cases if the wrap is scratched or partially damaged we will promptly have a new wrap portion applied to the vehicle. In the unlikely event of a major accident rendering the vehicle immobile, we will immediately wrap a new and qualified driver to continue the campaign.

Will we be liable if the wrapped vehicles are in accidents?

Our drivers are independent contractors and we do not ask them to do anymore driving then they normally would. The drivers are not driving specifically to advertise; instead they are driving for their own use.  We simply have an agreement with them that allows us to put your brand name on their car.  Since the driver is not driving for the explicit purpose of advertising,  their own personal liability coverage will cover any damages.  We just pay for the wrap. It is important to note that all Promoto drivers must have full coverage to be accepted.  


How are the drivers chosen for my campaign?

We choose drivers based on the geographic regions that you want to target your campaign.  We insure all drivers meet the campaign criteria by completing a thorough application, and using GPS for the extent of the campaign.


What goes into our pricing?

We charge a fixed monthly rate that is predetermined based on a few key factors.  The main factors we consider are the number of drivers you desire, the number of impressions you want on the road and the level of wrap you want applied to each car.  We can also work with your budget.  Our CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is within the range of $1.07 – $4. 27.  We achieve this insanely low CPM by giving volume discounts to clients who purchase longer campaigns with more drivers.